Realtor Globally: Index

The Realtor Globally Group offers a complete package of tools and services to its users, aiming at the online promotion of their real estate. Among the services and tools regarding the introduction, publication and promotion of their listings, as well as statistics and data for market study and tools for strengthening collaborations, the Group also includes the “Index”.

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1. The “Index”, in fact, is a list of associated real estate market professionals with Realtor Globally and aims to enhance the promotion of both their list of properties and their brand. This support is achieved with the opportunity given to the client by the Realtor Globally platform, making it possible to look for a professional even when the said client does not know his name or his brand, and henceforth allowing them access to the lists of brokers available for direct communication through automated messaging.

2. The “Index”, in which professional brokers or manufacturers are registered to be displayed to the client, is not simply a series of proposals-- each name or brand is actually an active link leading to a second digital space. This space can also be the professional page of each registered partner, as it is a website that lists his contact details, the map of the area in which the professional operates, and, last but not least, a method allowing for direct contact betweenbroker and customer. The same website presents the list of professional’s properties, previous successful deals, as well as comments and ratings from previous clients.

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3. The important advantage is that the list is aimed at a specific and targeted audience, without the data being lost in vast information. On the contrary, they are efficiently delivered to the final recipient-customer via targeted promotion, without being cluttered by unnecessary information and running the risk of never reaching the viewer.

Furthermore, another invaluable advantage is that the ratings and comments of previous clients create a perfect context for the next prospect to enter into an agreement with the professional. Their publication enhances the professional image of the interested party and creates strong incentives for the customer. The professional manages to stand out and rise to prominence among others, presenting the reviews which enhance his professionalism and promote his successful professional profile.