Innovative Private Equity Platform

InRealtor has established itself as an innovative platform for providing private equity real estate access to the average investor. InRealtor offers sophisticated and fully automated tools which enable individuals to access fund raising opportunities in the real estate market without any underwriting costs or fees associated with traditional private equity models. In addition, InRealtor provides accountability and transparency features which allow investors to evaluate team performance and make informed decisions about their investments. InRealtor is paving the way forward for democratizing access to private equity in real estate, enabling individual investors to capitalize on opportunities that were once only available to high net worth individuals.

1. Strategic Planning

InRealtor provides a solution to bridge the gap between needing capital in a pooled fund and avoiding complexity, scale, and regulation. With InRealtor's real estate private real, sponsors have access to the right combination of investment amount, rapid fundraise time, and protection from multiple iterations of securities regulations. In essence, InRealtor presents an ideal balance between having available capital while also keeping the process straightforward.

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2. Investment Structure

InRealtor provides effective real estate fundraising solutions designed to protect investors and ensure attractive returns. Terms of the investment must be carefully established in order to carry out a successful fundraise. Our team of professionals has a deep understanding of current market trends, allowing them to create a strategic approach that focuses on the highest possible Internal Rate Of Return (IRR) or Return On Investment (ROI) while providing investors with the security they need in regards the exit terms. InRealtor's goal is to ensure your project reaches its full potential without compromising investor safety and profitability.

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3. Investment Types

The priority of distributions between the partners are made according the the investment type of each project and as agreed from the beginning of the entry. InRealtor provides investors with an excellent opportunity to receive a passive income from their investments. With InRealtor, investors can enjoy significant returns without the effort and time-commitment associated with traditional investments. We offer two options of investment alongside to an easy setup process.

A. Passive Income: invest and collect pro rata shares of net income each month in periodic disbursements. This is a major benefit for those who seek maximum returns without dedicating significant time or energy into managing the property or exploring more complex investment opportunities. InRealtor is quickly becoming one of the most popular and financially viable options for passive income seekers across the globe.

B. Private Placement: is the opportunity to invest in projects that have a value-creation potential through property development or unit improvements. In doing so, our realistic target is to approach a sale at a much higher value, allowing for a strong internal rate of return (IRR). By investing in private placement opportunities even carries less risk than traditional investment assets.

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successful raising capital

All properties are coordinated by our team of experienced real estate professionals, who have in-depth knowledge on a wide range of matters related to fundraising. We coordinate and check that all properties are processed through legal, audit, valuation and analysis to ensure that every approach is backed up with reliable data.

Audit strategic analysis

Audit analysis to verify the project is profitable.

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Valuation and market analysis

Valuation from qualified RICS accredited valuer.

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Legal review & preparation

Project strategy formation from investment to exit.

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